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Harrison Bergeron

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"Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (1961)



Brief Synopsis

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The story explores total egalitarianism in a distant future as readers are introduced to a society in which equality is achieved by handicapping the athletic, the beautiful and the intelligent.



Allusions in Popular Music

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"Harrison Bergeron" by Snapcase

from Progression Through Unlearning (1997)


Alluding to Vonnegut's short story with the same title, Snapcase's "Harrison Bergeron" speaks to the need for independent thought, much like Harrison Bergeron himself before he is felled by the Diana Moon Glampers, the Handicapper General.


my autonomy / you tried to steal it / you had me shut down / but I'm alive since I have found / faith moves


They continue, writing:


but now I'll follow my lead... / learn to walk beyond those who have walked all / walked all over you / so I have found my voice through perserverence / and left the choice to speak / those worlds that have gone unsaid



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The Need for Expressing Independent Thought




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Snapcase. "Harrison Bergeron." Progression Through Unlearning. Victory Records, 1997.


Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr. Welcome to the Monkeyhouse. New York: Dell, 1998.


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